The Big Apple. An impossible dream?

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it sure as hell could buy mine right about now.

I’m sick of being stuck in this dead end town. I’ve learned a lot at my job and I’m thankful for the opportunity but I’m tired of it; this isn’t what I want to do and this isn’t where I want to stay. I feel suffocated by the lack of opportunities around me and right now what I want more than anything is to move to NYC and become an editor at a publisher or newspaper. But the fact that it’s so damn expensive and I’m in debt up to my eyeballs thanks to college means that won’t be happening any time soon.

The government expects it’s youth to go to college in order to get a decent job and contribute to society but then we’re paying out of our asses until we’re ready for retirement. Compared to others my loans are just a drop in the bucket but for me making less than I think I deserve, my loans are an ominous black cloud looming overhead for the foreseeable future.

Society berates and belittles us when we, and I mean millennials, whine and complain about how hard life is. But for those of us that are working our butts off to try and make something of ourselves, it’s pretty hard to stay positive all the time when day after day we slide back down the hill of our meager accomplishments.

I wish I had the guts to just pick up and move, knowing full well I had to no idea what the hell would happen and that I barely had enough to get by for one month in the Big Apple. It seems like such an impossibly stupid dream to have when I remind myself of everything standing in my way. Student loans, car payment, car insurance, gas, doctor bills, phone bill, unavoidable monthly expenses. The list of things, places and people taking my money seems never ending.

I’m grateful to be living at home rent free and a fridge full of food don’t get me wrong, but even with saving that money, it’ll never be enough to get me where I want to go any time soon. When do I get to catch a break, I’m working as hard as I can right now, saving as much as I can but society kicks its ugly foot in my face pushing me back down my tiny hill.


Why I Could Never Vote For Trump.

Even if I don’t agree with everything Hillary has said or plans to do if she is elected, I could never vote for Trump after these disgusting comments. If you ignore the tapes and still plan on voting for him, what does that say about you? No matter if you’re a man or a woman, how can you look your mother, sister, wife, daughter, aunt, grandmother or girlfriend in the face when the man you plan on voting for has proven time and time again that he doesn’t respect women and fails to show true remorse for his “locker room” talk. As a former athlete, I can assure you Mr. Trump that myself and fellow teammates would never talk about men in such a crude and degrading manner.

Take a glance at this article, sums it up pretty well.

Rant over.

Here Goes Nothing.

This is the post excerpt.


Good evening world, not that anyone’s really listening right now. This is my first blog post, yay me, putting all of myself on the beautiful world wide web. Since I’m putting all of myself out here for the billions of you to judge, why not get right to it.

The name’s Kaley. Born and raised in the great state of Wisconsin. For the folks that don’t know what that is, we like beer, brats and cheese and we worship the Green Bay Packers. That about sums it up. A great place really, despite the bitter freezing temperatures every winter and the lackluster things to do.

I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelors in English….long pause, for any of the scientific types that want to pass judgement. No hard feelings, really. I’ve heard it all and right now I can’t really disagree with those that thought I wouldn’t find a job. I’ve got one, thankfully, in journalism nonetheless, but I hate the job and I hate who I’ve become working at the job. I plan on sticking it out as long as I have to, or at least until I save enough money that I can move to NYC with thousands of other millennials in search of the Holy Grail.

Like a true millennial I’m single and I still live at home with my parents, doing exactly what society expects of our generation. Though I want to shoot myself in the foot nearly every day due to the fact that I can’t yet move out. As for the being single thing, it’s not for lack of trying. I’ve trolled Tinder, OkCupid and Plenty of Fish to no avail, while most of my friends are married or in relationships. My friends, six on a good day, four on a great day, though only one great friend lives in town and she’s newly married so there isn’t much time for me right now. Another millennial moment, ‘boohoo my life stinks.’ I’m tired of that attitude, I have the drive and passion to change the course of my life right now but because the government believes I should go to college I have no damn money to do anything because it cost a shit ton to get a degree.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight folks. Maybe something magical will happen at work tomorrow and then I can tell the zero of you that are reading all about it.